Colin McRae Rally 2.0 [4]


You need to extract the HID.DLL from the Windows '98 Cabs. To copy this file in to the C:WindowsSystem directory and overwrite the existing HID.DLL please follow the instructions below.

1. Place the Windows98 CD in the drive. Now go to Start then Run and where it says 'Open' enter SFC and click OK.

2. Click on 'Extract one file' and enter HID.DLL. Now click the Start button.

3. Where it says 'Restore from' this should be the location of the Windows 98 CD. So If your CD-ROM drive is letter 'Q' it would read 'Q:WIN98. You don't need alter the 'Save file in' item. After this click on OK

4. Now it will ask you to back up the HID.DLL file. Make a note of the directory if need be and then click on OK, then click yes to create the Folder.

5. Now restart your PC and everything should now be Ok.

For your information your call reference number is 00009223 please quote this in all further correspondence. IF YOU NEED TO REPLY TO THIS EMAIL, PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE ENTIRE TEXT IS INCLUDED IN YOUR REPLY.


Codemasters Customer Services

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