Press Release: International Pelit Plus announced

April fools', Pelit-lovers! (Tämä olikin aprillipila!)


Pelit magazine more international. Game Reviews are removed, emphasis Nnirvin Columns.

Upon receipt of significant grass-roots popularity in India, Games Magazine has decided to launch Niko built around Nirvin writings international online publication called International Pelit Plus ("IPP"). Four times a year, the publication consists of about ten Nirvin columns and essays. Some of the writings has been previously published in the Journal of the Games, some completely new ones. The publication also contains Niko Nirvin a weekly video diary.

International Pelit Plus can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter shortly. "The voice of reason knows no language boundaries. Nothing of note is lost in translation here", says Nnirvi of the upcoming project.

"IPP-ey kay-ey, Pelit-lovers!"

Sample writings of Nnirvi can be found here:

Wonderfully Fantastic!

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