Myydään Night Club (PC-peli)

  • Alaosasto: Pelit
  • Avainsanat: PC
  • Hinta: 30 €
  • Vuosi: 2011
  • Ilmoitus jätetty: 3.6.2017

Myyjän tiedot

  • Nimimerkki: GameBoy
  • Puhelin: 04578710271
  • Sähköposti:

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You are the trendsetter for the night life in many big metropolises all across Europe. Establish your own clubs and beat the competition. Build bars, shops, cinemas or discos and define how the European night life should look like. As a manager of such a night club imperium you must handle a lot of issues. Schedule your investments, place your clubs in the right spot, define the best pricing strategy and keep an eye on your competition.