Icewind Dale [5]

Jos esineistä tulee jostakin syystä pulaa, seuraavan koodin kanssa saa tavaraa niin paljon kuin haluaa.

CHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem(esineen nimi);
AMUL01: Necklace of Missiles
AROW07: Arrow of Dispelling
AX1H01: Battle Axe
BELT02: Golden Girdle
BLUN05: Mace +1
BOLT02: Bolt +1
BOOK03: Tome +1 Constitution
BOOT01: Boots of Speed
BOW01: Composite Long Bow
BRAC06: Gauntlets of Ogre Power
BULL02: Bullet +2
CHAN06: Mithril Chain Mail +4
CLCK02: Cloak of Protection +2
DAGG03: Dagger +2
DART02: Dart +1
HALB02: Halberd +1
HAMM03: War Hammer +2
HELM03: Helm of Glory
MISC35: Horn Coral Gem
PLAT05: Full Plate Mail +1
POTN03: Potion of Hill Giant Strength
RING01: Ring
SCRL04: Protection from Cold
SCRL1Q: Scroll of Vampiric Touch
SHLD06: Large Shield +1
SW1H01: Bastard Sword
SW2H01: Two Handed Sword
WAND02: Wand of Fear
XBOW03: Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy

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